Slomski's Rapid Chess Training League - Season 1: The Playoffs

IM hellokostya
Mar 2, 2016, 3:59 AM |
Hi folks, in previous blogs I've offered coverage of an online training league, known as Slomski's Rapid Chess Training League. 

The league is open to players rated around 1600-2300, who are looking to get some extra competition against other ambitious players without having to travel for an OTB tournament. 

This past January saw the playoffs for the league, an 8-player knockout format tournament until a winner was decided. The format for each match was as follows: Best of two Rapid games 20 + 10, and if the score is still tied then Blitz 5 + 0 until someone wins a game (lower rated player gets White first). 

Here are the results, round by round, with selected games annotated by yours truly. While there were two forfeited matches due to no-shows, there were still quite a few interesting games, and plenty to learn from. I tried to choose a highlight from each match, enjoy!


39clues (#1) vs bspurt (#5)

floydAkash (#2) vs CraiggoryC (#6) (forfeit no games)

fianchettoer (#3) vs Fischwitsch (#7)

Luckyiki (#4) vs TheEnglishMuon (#8)


bspurt (#5) vs TheEnglishMuon (#8)

CraiggoryC (#6) vs Fischwitsch (#7) (forfeit no games)


bspurt (#5) vs Fischwitsch (#7)

Congrats to bspurt! Well played! The next season of Slomski's Rapid Chess Training League will start sometime next fall. If you are rated between 1600-2300 and are interested in joining, contact Matthew Slomski and tell him you want to join!