thanks to helpful family

Aug 20, 2009, 9:19 PM |

in our vaccations this summer we went on a trip to delhi. this was proved a wrong step when my beloved wife fell ill of dirreah there in the midest of our ten days tour programme. due to excessive loss of water i've to take her to hospital immediately. where she was treated. due to weakness caused by dehydration, she was unable to travell for 12 hour long bus journey. i was much worried because our duaghter(4yrs) was along with us in that hot humid weather. to come back at my native place was my first choice but my wife was not in a position to travell.

in that fix two sisters meena and veena come out to help us. they were not our relatives but the helping hand they produced was the deadly required by my family. they give her all comforts to recover and she get well soon so we can come back safely after spending four days there in their home.

i'd like to thank the GOD for sending them to help us out. they are simply good. i pray for their joyfull, life.