dr H.Thelen - Unknown player

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Dr H.Thelen - Unknown player

Dr. H. Thelen (?-?)( probably Hermann) was a chess player from Breslau (Wroclaw). In 1914 he played in the tournament B 19th DSB Congress in Mannheim. He finished far 7-8 in group B1. In 1920 he won the  7th Silesian Chess Congress in Glogau (Glogow), in 1921 wins the Championship of  Breslau (1.H.Thelen 9.5p, 2.A.Kramer 8.0, 3. H. Seger 8.5, 8.0 4. C. Hauck, etc. ). In 1922 he wins the 9 th Silesian Chess Congress in Neusse (Nysa) (1.H.Thelen 6.5, 5.5 2.A.Kramer, 3.H.Seger 4.5,  4.H.Cohn 3.5, 5. Loew 3.0 etc). In the Championship of Breslau  in 1922, he shared with Kohnte 5-6  place. Kramer wins against Beck and Hauck

and H. Cohn.
In July 1923he  take part in the Brandenburg Chess Union in Forst in der Lausitz. Winning his group elimination but  in the final  rounds he ranks last for K. Richter, M. Elstner and R. Walter.
In the Silesian Chess Congress in Bad Salzbrunn in 1924, H.Thelen together with Ruester shared 3-4 place behind Bergmann and Kramer. During this period (1923-1924) Hermann Thelen moved to Berlin.
Gino Di Felice in his book "Chess Results 1921-1930" erroneously says that in Forst in 1923 and in 1924 Bad Salzbrunn  played Bedrich Thelen(1905-1972). Bedrich Thelen in this time (July 1923) played in Hauptturnier in Mahrish Ostrau. Probably due to an error in the German press of this period.