Samuel Factor: 1924-1926

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In August/September (23.08-2.09) 1924, Samuel Factor tied 2nd-4rd(11.5-4.5) with Hahlbohn and Whitaker in Detroit, Michigan (25 th WCA), behind Carlos Torre. Next was a young Samuel Reshevsky.    WCA was held  at the Detroit Union League Club. Factor lost to Stolzenberg, Ruth and winner tournament Mexican Carlos Torre of Marshall Chess Club, New York. Won against young Reshevsky, Hahlbohn, Mlotkowski, Margolis of Chicago, Palmer of Detroit. Drew with Withaker, Banks of Detroit and Spero of Cleveland.







In 1925, Factor too won the Championship of Chicago. In August/September (26.08-3.09) 1925 he took 2nd (11-2p) in Cedar Point, Ohio (26th WCA), behind Abraham Kupchik.

“26th WCA held at the Hotel The Breakers. The complete list follows: Abraham Kupchik, Charles Jaffe, M.J.Maxfield and Ted S. Barron of New York; Herman Steiner of Budapest; Samuel Factor and Albert C.Margolis of Chicago; Marvin Palmer and John Winter of Detroit; Irving Spero of Cleveland; Robert C. Scrivener of Memphis, Tenn.;A.H.Palmi of Jackson, Mich.; Wiliam Widmeyer of Rolla, North Dakota and Robert S.Goerlich of Bethlehem, Pa.

Abraham Kupchik finished in first place with the fine score of 11.5 points out of 13 and carried back with him to New York the title of Western champion. This, of cource, surprised nobody, as Kupchik, present champion of the Manhattan Chess Club, has long been rated as one of the best players in this country. Very close behind the new champion came Samuel Factor of Chicago with totals of 11-2. This performance on the part of the former title holder, was quite in accordance with general expectations.

While Kupchik lost only one game to Marvin Palmer and made  a drew with Maxfield, Factor lost a point to Spero, in addition to the one he yielded to Kupchik. Charles Jaffe of New York City, defeated by both of the leaders, was placed third in the list with 10.5-2.5. A drew with Winter spoiled his chance for a higher place.

Marvin Palmer of Detroit, who organized the tournament, set a very fast pace for the first eight rounds, at the end of which he had a score of 7.5-0.5. The remaining five rounds, however, brought him only 1.5 additional and he finished in fourth place with 9-4.

Irving Spero of Cleveland, champion of Ohio, acquitted himself well and came in fifth. Albert C. Margolis of Chicago and Herman Steiner of New York divided the six prize.

S.S.Bell, chess editor of Chicago  Daily News, served accptably as referee. At the a annual meeting, held on Sept. 3, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: R.S. Scrivaner, Memphis, Tenn., president; Samuel Factor, Chicago, secretary-treasurer; Albert Margolis, Chicago, assistant secretary; Marvin Palmer, Detroit, tournament director.

Samuel Factor is taking his new position of secretary seriously and proposes to leave no stone unturned until Western Chess Association is on a truly substantial and selfsupported basis.”

ACM 1925 p.130-131

The Chicago Masters Tournament, in connection with 27 WCA, held from 21 August to 2 September 1926 at the Hotel La Salle in Chicago, Illinois.

The results of the tournament: 1.Marshall 8,5-3,5 2-3. Maroczy and Torre  8-4, 4-5.Jaffe and Kupchik  7,5-4,5, 6.Kashdan 5-5, 7.Factor6,5-5,5, 8.Edw Lasker 6-6, 9.Fink 5-7, 10.Banks 4,5-7,5, 11.Chajes 4-8, 12.Showalter3-9, 13.Isaacs 2,5-9.5. Factor won against Jaffe, Edw.Lasker, Fink, Showalter and Isaacs, draw with Marshall, Banks and Chajes.

In the international cable match Chicago - London (6 November 1926) Factor (played in board 2) draw his game  against Sergeant.