Samuel Factor 1929-30

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Chicago City Championship 1929

The championship of Chicago was again played for recently at the Hamilton Club of that city, ten of the leading experts striving for the honor. The competition came to an end late in March and resulted an a well- earned victory for Lewis J.Isaacs, who represented Chicago at the National Chess Federation meeting at Bradley Beach. Samuel Factor, half a point behind, finished in second place and Bejas Jensen third.

On Saturday, April 27 th, Dr Alexander Alekhine, chess world champion, played at the Chicago Chess Club against sixteen tables, winning 15 and drawing1 game.

In addition to these club performances, Dr Alekhine contested two consultation games simultanously at the residence of H.E.Heick, treasurer of the National Chess Federation, Thursday night (Apr. 25). Samuel D. Factor and Charles Elison drew a very interesting game. The other team, composed of L.J.Isaacs and S.W.Addleman, suffered defeat.

The annual tournament for the championship of the Western Chess Association held at the Downtown Y.M.C.A. in Saint Louis from August 26 to September 5, 1929, with Hermann Hahlbohm of Chicago, a familiar figure at these gatherings, the winner by half a point. The decision was not reached until the final round was played. The winning total was 8-2, made up of 7 wins, 2 draws and only 1 loss. The fact that there was a triple tie for second place indicated the keeness of the race. Half a point behind the new champion came J.A.Andersson, St.Louis'own champion; Herman Steiner of New York and N.T. Whitaker of Philadelphia. Samuel D.Factor of Chicago, former Western champion, shared fifth place with John Winter of Detroit. Vladimir Sournin of Washington finished in seventh place.

(ACB 1929)

Samuel Factor, president of the newly organized Roosevelt Chess and Bridge Club of Chicago, recently won the Chicago championship tournament, in which a field of eight participated, including Hermann Hahlbohm, Western champion, who on this occasion, however, experienced an inexplicable reversal of form. Factor was at his best and did not lose a game. I.Michelson of the same club finished second and Charles Elison of the German Chess Club, third.

(ACB 1930)

Western Chess Association 1930

With nine players competing, the annual championship tournament of the Western Chess Association was held at the rooms of the Roosevelt Chess and Bridge Club, Chicago, from October 6 to 11, 1930. It was the thirty-first meeting of that organization. Hermann Hahlbohm of Chicago, winner at St.Louis last year, was a conspicuous absentee. The following competed: Samuel D.Factor, L.J.Isaacs, E.Michelsen, B.Frank and J.F.Collins of Chicago; Marvin Palmer of Detroit; A.Palmi of Jackson, Mich.; N.Whitaker, Washington, D.C.; R.S.Goerlich of Bethlehem, Pa.

After eight rounds, Factor and Whitaker, who each won six games, lost one and drew one, divided the first and second prize. The tie was not played off. Both were defeated by Michelsen, winner of the fourth prize. Isaacs won the third and Palmer, the fifth.

(ACB 1930)

"Samuel Factor`s parents gave the players a "sumptuous dinner" at their home
during the Chicago tournament, with festivities including both Whitaker and the younger
Factor regaling the crowd with humorous chess stories"[ Shady Side:The Life and Crimes of Norman Tweed Whitaker by John Hilbert p.110]