Samuel Factor 1934-38

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Margolis wins Chicago championship.

Albert C. Margolis of the Professional Men's Chess Club, Western Champion in 1927, has added the title of City champion of Chicago to his laurels. Out of a strong field including two
other former Western Champions, this young master has demonstrated that after a retirement of years, he has regained the form that at the age of 19 permitted him to hold his own with anyone west of the Alleghenies. Going into the final round, Margolis was faced with the necessity of winning his game with Factor, no mean assignment under any circumstances. A draw would not suffice for the scores of the three leaders at that time were: Factor 5.5, Margolis 5, and Edgren 5. Margolis succeeded in wresting the game and needed point from Factor and he was given loyal support from his club and team mate, Sol R. Friedman, who  rose to the occasion by defeating Edgren in the same round thereby preventing a tie for first place and leaving the latter in third place, half a point behind Factor. Final Standings are as
Margolis         6.0
Factor             5.5
Edgren            5.0
Elison             4.5
Hahlbohm      4.5
Isaacs              4.5
Friedman         4.0
Kent                 1.0
Price                 1.0
(Chess Review Jan.-Feb. 1934)

The Western Championship Tourney  1935


The 36 th annual meeting of the American Chess Federation(formerly known as the Western Chess Association), took place from July 23 to 31, 1935, at the Hotel Schroeder in Milwaukee, Wis. After the initial banquet at which the Daniel Hoan, Mayor of the Milwaukee, welcomed the contestants, 12 of the 30 experts were seeded intro three sections and the remainder distributed in these sections by lot.

In section A the seeded players were R.Fine, W.A.Ruth, S.D.Factor and H.Morton. Fine and Ruth dominated the play. In spite of the crude oversight in his game with Towsen, which lost a piece on the 13 th move, Ruth was second – half a point behind Fine. Factor and Morton tied for third plac –a point behind Fine. The Tournament Committee decided no play-offs would be held for ties and both therefore qualified for the Final Master’s Tourney. Towsen played some good chess but lost too many of the leaders.


The results:

1.R.Fine 7.5-1.5

2.W.A.Ruth 7-2

3.S.D.Factor 6.5-2.5

4.H.Morton 6.5-2.5

5.A.N.Towsen 5.5-3.5

6.B.Dahlstrom 4-5

7.C.Kraszewski 3.5-5.5

8.R.Drummond 2-7

9.E.Nash      1.5-7.5

10.S.Kreznar   1-8



Finals Master’s Tournament:

1.R.Fine                8-2

2.A.W.Dake       7.5-2.5

3.I.Kashdan        6.5-3.5

4. R.Chevalier     5.5-4.5

5.S.D.Factor       5.5-4.5

6.A.C.Simonson 5.5-4.5

7. A.E.Santasiere   5-5

8.H.Morton          4-6

9.J.H.Belson        3-7

10.A.E.Elo          2.5-7.5

11. W.A.Ruth         2-8


Samuel D.Factor won against Simonson and Morton, drew with Dake, Kashdan, Chevalier, Santasiere, Belson, Elo, Ruth and lost to Fine.


Wisconsin vs. Illinois

On August 26, 1935, a team match was held between twenty-six  Illinois and a similar number a Wisconsin players. The occasion was a chess picnic at Grant Park, Milwaukee and after the beer and pretzels, and the smoke, and the post mortems had been tabulated, digested, and otherwise disposed of, it was revealed that the Wisconsin players on their home territory had reversed the results of a previous meeting in Chicago. The score was : Wisconsin – Illinois: 15-11. Samuel Factor won his game against A.Elo.


Illinois State Championship February 1936


Twenty four players competed this year in the tourney to decide the Illinois State Championship. They were divided into four sections of six each, the leaders in each section going into a final “Masters” Tournament. Samuel Factor and Nils Engholm tied for first in this “Masters” group.

Samuel Factor defeated Nels Engholm 2-1 in three game play – off to decide the Illinois State Championship after both had tied in the regular tourney with the scores of 9-2 each. The first and third games of the play-off were held at the Swedish Chess Club (Chicago) and resulted in draws. The second game, which proved the decisive one, was played at Marshall Field& Co., before a crowd of spectators and we append the score.


US Championship New York April-May 1936


Forty-eight experts, recruited from all parts of the United States and its possessions have gathered in New York City to determine  who among then will win the right to compete with the nine seeded international masters for the honor of becoming the champion. The have been divided into four groups as follows:

Group A (Manhattan Chess Club)

J.Feldman, S.Silberman, O.Tenner, J.Soudakoff, Miss A.Raeting, R.Cintron, Dr H.Kline, H.Sussman, R.Bornholz, S.Factor, H.Fajans, A.C.Simonson

Group B (Marshall Chess Club)

F.Reinfeld, D.McCready, A.S.Denker, M.Rosenthal, J.Lazard, E.Martinson, W.W.Adams, P.Rathen, J.Balint, A.L.Jones, T.Stone, J.W.Brunnemer

Group C (Empire City Chess Club)

G.Treystman, W.H.Steckel, S.Bernstein, M.Fish, E.S.Jackson, S.Karandy, G.Shainswit, D.Grossman, J.Richman, M.Green, H.Powelson, W.Goldwater

Group D (Queens Chess Club)

M.Hanauer, T.Barron, H.Morton, G.Osterman, B.F.Winkelman, D.McClellan, W.M.P.Mitchell, E.J.Korpanty, N.Lessing, R.Egan, T.E.Knorr, A.Goldman


The top two of each of the four competing sections will earn a place in the final tournament which is scheduled to open at the Hotel Astor on April 25.

At 2 P.M. on the afternoon of that day in the grill of the Hotel Astor sixteen of the nation’s outstanding chess experts began a battle for supremacy that will not cease untill May 16.

The 16 contestans comprise 8 seeded players, who were invited to participate because of their outstanding records in national and international competition, and 8 players who won their positions in a qualifying tournament conducted for that purpose.

The seeded players are:

Arthur W.Dake: Pacific Coast Champion and member of three victorious American World Championship Teams.

Reuben Fine: Recent winner of the Hastings Tournament, Champion of the American Chess Federation, and member of two victorious American World Championship Teams.

Israel A.Horowitz: Member of two victorious American World Championship Teams.

Isaac I.Kashdan: New York State Champion, winner of several International Tournaments, and member of two victorious American World Championship Teams.

Alexander Kevitz: Champion of the Manhattan Chess Club and third prize winner in the New York International Tournament of 1931.

Abraham Kupchik: Past Champion of  the Manhattan Chess Club and New York State, veteran of several international tournaments, and member of one American World Championship Team.

Samuel Reshevsky: Winner of last year’s Margate Tourney and Syracuse International Tourney 1934. Also past Champion of the American Chess Federation.

Herman Steiner: Member of one victorious American World Championship Team.

The players who emerged triumphant from the qualifying tournament which began on March 30, 1936, are:

Section A

1.Samuel D.Factor – Illinois State Champion

2.Albert C.Simonson – Member of one American World Championship Team and representative of the Manhattan Chess Club.

Section B

1.Arnold S.Denker – A leading metropolitan player, former Bronx County Champion and representative of the Manhattan Chess Club.

2.Weaver W.Adams – Former New England Champion

Section C

1.George N.Treysman _ One of the leading metropolitan players. Representative of the I.L.Rice Progressive Chess Club

2.Sidney Bernstein - A leading metropolitan player, represantative of the Marshall Chess Club.

Section D

1.Harold Morton – Present New England and Rhode Island State Champion.

2.Milton L.Hanauer – Former New York State Champion and a leading metropolitan player representing the Marshall Chess Club

In the Qualifying Rounds Factor assumed the lead from the very first day and was never headed. Interest was centured in the fight for second place which was in doubt until the final round. Oscar Tenner, the old maestro of the Manhattan Chess Club, and veteran of many grueling tournyes, gave Simonson a real fight. But in the end youth won out.


The results:

1. S.Factor                             10-1

2. A.C.Simonson                8,5-2,5

3. O.Tenner                            8-3

4-5. H.Fajans, Dr H.Kline     7-4

6.R.Bornholz                      6,5-4,5

7.H.Sussman                      5,5-5,5

8-9.J.Feldman, S.Silberman  4-7

10.J.Soudakoff                  2,5-8,5

11.R.Cintron                          2-9

12.Miss A.Raeting                1-10


 The final results:

1.S.Reshevsky          11.5-3.5

2.A.C.Simonson.     11-4

3.R.Fine                 10.5-4.5

4.G.N.Treysman    10.5-4.5

5.I.Kashdan              10-5

6.A.W.Dake              9-6

7.A.Kupchik             9-6

8.A.Kevitz             7.5-7.5

9.I.A.Horowitz         7-8

10.S.D.Factor        6.5-8.5

11.H.Steiner             6-9

12.A.S.Denker         6-9

13.S.Bernstein         5-10

14.M.Hanauer      4.5-10.5

15.W.W.Adams       3-12

16.H.Morton            3-12













Samuel Factor won against A.C.Simonson, A.Kevitz, H.Steiner, M.Hanauer and W.Adams, drew with R.Fine, A.Denker and H.Morton, lost to S.Reshevsky, Treysman, I.Kashdan, A.Dake, A.Kupchik, I.Horowitz, S.Bernstein























Illinois vs.Wisconsin

In a return engagement held at Grant Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on July 26, 1936, the Wisconsin players atoned for their defeat last May by downing their opponents 12,5-9,5.

Samuel Factor defeated Arpad Elo on Board 1.



Chicago Individual Championship 1937

The City of Chicago Championship Tournament has begun with 18 players divided into three sections of six each. It will be contested on the Kirk D. Holland system, 3 players from each section qualifying for the Masters finals. The leading players in Section I are Factor, Newman and Webster;  in Section II, Isaacs, Price and Hazard; in Section III, O’Dell, Gordon and Dahlstrom.

Winning seven straight in the finals, Samuel Factor clinched his right to the 1937 city championship honors of Chicago. He allowed no points from the
opposition in the qualifying section either, which is reminiscent of his
splendid showing in the U.S. National Championship last year. The other
finalists in the Chicago championship were E. Gordon, L. Isaacs, B.
Dahlstrom, G. Larson, G. O. O'Dell, F. Hazard, C. Czerwien and F.

 (Chess Review April,1937.Pg.86)


"ILLINOIS CHAMPIONSHIP. The State title has been anexed by Samuel Factor,
who scored three consecutive wins in the quadrangular finals, the other
competitors being L. Dina, E. Gordon and E. Kossian. The consolation
Tournament was won by De Vries."
(Chess Review March 1938. Pg.67)