Samuel Factor in Poland and Nederland

Apr 25, 2009, 10:05 PM |

Samuel  Factor (Faktor) ( 22 Sept. 1892, Lodz - 11Jan. 1949, Chicago) was a Polish-American chess master.

Samuel Factor is the nephew of Max Factor in that Samuel Factor's father Daniel was a brother of Max.

During  World War I, Faktor was one of the strongest chess players in Lodz. In 1916, he lost a match to Hirszbajn (+2 –4 =4). In 1917, he took 3rd, behind Gersz Salwe, and Teodor Regedzinski. In 1917/18, he took 2nd, behind Regedziński. In 1919, he won the Lodz Chess Club Championship. Then, he emigrated, via Holland, to America.

In the game against a small Sammy Reshevsky:

In the end of 1919, he drew a mini-match with Richard Reti (+1 –1 =0) in Rotterdam.

In the consultations game against A.Rubinstein in Chess Club in Rotterdam in 1920:

In April - May 1920 he played a match against Dr Olland and won this event  with result 3.5-0.5.