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The rare Queen and Rook Ending

The rare Queen and Rook Ending

May 15, 2014, 4:16 PM 0

This game was played live and it has a rare Queen and Rook ending that I think you will enjoy. I was on the losing end of this endgame, but I didn't lose, I draw. My opponent didn't know how to win this ending and I was just going to keep my Rook as close to my King as possible.


Here I give you the winning from the position in the book Winning Chess Ending by Yasser Seirawan. I will not give you his notes to the game, only the moves, as they are copyrighted material from Microsoft Press.

Because this endgame is so rare not many masters have this endgame in their books. This endgame is too deep for me to understand so all I have to say is this,


With the Rook: keep the Rook close to your King.

With the Queen: Try to separate the King and Rook for the win.



See you next time.


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