The Tournament of Champions - Round 3

The Tournament of Champions - Round 3

Aug 22, 2014, 5:51 PM |

Okay, Okay, in round 3 I messed up and CM Karpov played two games this round, oh well, it will all work out in the end. Now, on the games!!!

ALL wins in the round and the chess is as good as ever. First we CM Steintz vs CM Kasparov, with CM Kasparov playing the Budapest Gambit, second time this opening has been played in this tournament and the second time CM Steintz had to face it. “I hate opening.” CM Steintz said after the game. “I played it okay with Cm Fischer, but against CM Kasparov, I just lost the edge.”


CM Kasparov was the first to play away from the round one game with11…Qh4+ (instead of CM Fischer’s 11…Ne7) “I think Qh4+ is a far better move in this position.” Said CM Kasparov, “Why CM Fischer didn’t play is beyond me.”


CM Karpov beats CM Capablanca!!! CM Karpov wins a hard fought game.


CM Alekhine wins over CM Lasker!


CM Karpov wins for a second time in round 3.


CM Karpov leads after 3 rounds.

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