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Chess as a Hobby

Chess as a Hobby

Mar 24, 2009, 9:08 AM 2

From all the hobbies I started in my childhood, Chess is the only hobby stayed with me without being affected by changes happened to me thorough my life.

I remember how fascinated I was when I saw a Chess Board the first time in my life and how I urged my elder relatives to teach me how to play.

I remember how I was disappointed that nobody at my age then was interested to play Chess with me and how I used to urge my elder relatives to play with me and they refused at first because they were sure that they will beat me but they agreed at last after a lot of urging from me and at last it was ending with me upset because I lose or angry because I win but they find there mean pleasure in telling me that they let me win.

Afterwards, I had a friend who liked Chess as much as I do, we used to meet daily and go to the corniche with a small Chess board and play about 3 matches a day, also we used to get Chess books and apply and discuss the matches in it.

It was my first time to play Chess online when I joined Chess.com that helped me to increase the rate of chess playing which is both enjoyable and useful .Chess.com also helped me to play with and get to know Chess players from all around the world and also play chess with old friends whom I was not able to play with them anymore because they traveled abroad.

I am really grateful to Chess.com for everything and I will consider switching my membership from Basic to Premium not only to have the extra features but also to support Chess.com.

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