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Black Lion vs e4: Basic Ideas / Practice

Black Lion vs e4: Basic Ideas / Practice

Jun 13, 2017, 2:01 PM 0
A simple exploration of the Black Lion vs e4.
All of this info is taken from a youtube video posted by the ever helpful Ginger GM (Simon WIlliams). You can find that video HERE.
Simon Williams has also made a in depth video series about the Black Lion which you can purchase HERE
So Remember the FIVE STAGES:
STAGE ONE: Bring out the Knights!
STAGE TWO: e5 To Control Center & Develop w/ Be7.
STAGE THREE: Consolidate Center with c6 and Qc7.
STAGE FOUR: Attack with h6 and g5.
STAGE FIVE: Here comes the Knight - Nf8, Ng6, Nf4!


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