Calculation training...Russian style !

Calculation training...Russian style !

Dec 17, 2012, 10:49 AM |

When I was younger, I took some correspondence chess classes where the author claimed that Russians used to practice calculation with positions that were just too hard to be fully calculated. The point wasn't to find the truth of the position, but to try and develop your calculation powers in the process.

Though I don't claim today's example belongs to this category, I think it will provide a good exercise for most people who haven't reached master level just yet. (For others, please have a look there for more challenging examples Wink)

So, here is how to make good use of this position :

  • make sure you have at least 10 minutes available
  • try to calculate as in a real game
  • pick your main line (best moves for both sides) and evaluate the resulting position
  • write it, as well as all the variations you've calculated

Then check your notes against your favourite engine, and enjoy the results Smile Please do not post engine's analysis in the blog so that other readers can give the exercise a try as well.

Black last move was 19...Nf6-e4!?

Good luck and have fun ! Smile