Classy or not classy ?

Apr 5, 2011, 4:14 PM |

Well, you know, sometimes you look at a game with friends, and you stop in front of a move. It's surprising, it's original, but it can't work, can it ? So you try to refute it, but you don't manage to. This is just a great move, a classy move...

Good players play this kind of moves. Do you think you can recognize the touches of class in the following game ? Bonus question : who do you think are the players involved ? Can you identify them ? (no database of course). Or if you can't, maybe you can guess in which era this game took place, or the nationality of one of the player, or his age ?!

Try to guess and understand as much as possible by yourself, or with friends. That's a tremendous learning experience. Tell me what are the classy moves you've spotted.

More detailed comments next week. Yours are of course welcome. The computer's aren't :-)