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Learning the Najdorf (ep.2) - dealing with old swashbucklers

Learning the Najdorf (ep.2) - dealing with old swashbucklers

Sep 14, 2008, 1:00 PM 0

As I mentioned in my first post, I think the Najdorf 6.Bc4 lines are very dangerous to face unprepared. Thus, it's a good idea to look what white is after in order to deal correctly with it OTB.

I like to look first at the most direct attempts, often old and dismissed lines, as they are easier to follow, and help to understand why main lines are main lines.

My team mate, who advised me to pick 6...b5 as my reply to 6.Bc4, showed me one of those dangerous ideas : a quick f4-e5 push by white, as in the following game :


Now, all is not bleak for black, as of course, Najdorf fans have found a clever way to tackle this attack :






So here is a first line I can now meet with some confidence Smile

But of course, there are many other attacking tries in this variation, such as 10.f5 and Fisher's favorite 8.0-0/9.Qf3 setup, but that's enough for today...

I'd be happy to discuss these ideas with readers of course, and feedback from Najdorf players are always very much appreciated.

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