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So what are you trying to tell us, Mr. Computer ? - part 2

So what are you trying to tell us, Mr. Computer ? - part 2

Jun 23, 2013, 5:03 AM 11

This is the follow-up to my previous blog article. If you haven't read it yet, I recommend you start there to know the full story.

Here is the position that I offered as an exercise in the first article. I invited people to play the black side against an engine, then use the engine as an analysis tool, and try again.





















Some people managed to draw at their very first attempt, some others at the second. Congratulations, as this was really no easy task !

I first saw this position in one of Lars Bo Hansen's excellent works. Here, he quoted GM Seïrawan's analysis of the position :

"It wouldn't take a human Grandmaster -especially as Black vs. Kramnik - many seconds to play 18...Bxf3! here, after which a draw can be soon agreed".

Are really the opposite-colors bishops so drawish ? Looks like it is (as many readers correctly mentioned in the initial blog post). I managed to draw against the engine without too much trouble, so this is a powerful concept indeed...


Now, the engines would just not play Bxf3 in this position, as they value bishops higher than Knights, and have no problems drawing as black anwyay. But from a human perspective, I find Seïrawan's piece of wisdom extremely valuable...

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