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I have a serious question ?

Is there anyone that would desire to rid themselves of every conceived inharmoniuos invented disease, sickness, cancer, and all the other lies that have been created in thought, therefore manifesting such inharmonious actions because it's strong accepted influence?

If you are interested to remove all this crap of "never done anyone any good" disorders I have a book for you. I also am going to share a testimony of me at 9 yrs of age, and I am now 42, completely due to my understanding of what this book teaches, and that was at 9.

Here's the testimony!

I recently have posted this in some of my groups, so it's replied from them, my reply to them, just remember that.. =]

When I was 9, I was on my parent's porch with the door ajar and my foot in it's seem, trying to stop my Mom before her going to the store, to tell her to don't forget the cheese bread. lol

Anyways, my brother had not realized my foot was in the doorway and closed it, my foot being still there, at the proper time of me returning into the home. Well, I opened the door and as I started to walk into the room, I felt a drag from the carpet, and looked down to find my left pinkie toe was overlapped onto my foot, hanging by a piece of flesh.

I frickin laughed lol, and knew, due to my strong background in my religion and loving Sunday School, that everything was completely fine, that it's not at all what appears to seem to be, just as one has dissipated a cut upon their arm if they are not dwelling upon it, making it diminish rather quick like, as what's been called "mind over matter", and was completely without any form of discomfort.

My brother freaked lol and went to get my Mom before she left, and Dad rushed on over too, and they all were saying "Oh my gosh, let's get you to the Hospital!", to which I returned "Wait you guys, we rely on the Lord, right? I'm fine.. Dad, take me into the bathroom and bandage it up since you were a nurse in the army."...

Within 3 weeks of walking on it without the slightest discomfort, and I do not give a rats aorta whether you accept it or not, I would not waist my short time at this cafe to post this if it were bs lol, I took off the bandage to a completely restored left toe, with not a smidgen of a scar, which the bone and all of it was severed 3 weeks prior, and only blood was on the bandage.

This testimony is fact at 9 of age, yet since then I have had numerous amounts of awesome ones such as this that would take a bit of time to share with you, and I am very limited of Internet use, paying $3 hr, living on the street and panhandling, than getting what's considered a gov. payed job, due to I have so much responsibility to overcome before I can be reestablished...

And when I am reestablished, I will walk right into a Hospital to a sickbed'n individual and ask if they desire to be healed, and by their faith I shall remove them from their bed of captivity, and I would not begin to give a rats aorta for a cent, especially due to they have such an enormous Hospital bill that they never deserved..

And for the book!

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Table of Contents

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
Front Matter
Chapter 1: Prayer
Chapter 2: Atonement and Eucharist
Chapter 3: Marriage
Chapter 4: Christian Science versus Spiritualism
Chapter 5: Animal Magnetism Unmasked
Chapter 6: Science, Theology, Medicine
Chapter 7: Physiology
Chapter 8: Footsteps of Truth
Chapter 9: Creation
Chapter 10: Science of Being
Chapter 11: Some Objections Answered
Chapter 12: Christian Science Practice
Chapter 13: Teaching Christian Science
Chapter 14: Recapitulation
Key to the Scriptures
    Chapter 15: Genesis
    Chapter 16: The Apocalypse
    Chapter 17: Glossary
Chapter 18: Fruitage

If you click any chapter it will direct you there, and Fruitage has 100 testimonies of any ailment known 100 years ago and people around the world being healed by the understanding gained in these 600 pages of the Wonderful Book!

A guy that read this book for only 4 hrs. gained his sight back, no longer needing glasses, he learned true perception is consciously recognized.


This book is the world's wake up call to reality. In fact, If I were the richest man on the planet and I was with you discussing this book. I would bring to your attention with a slight share of words how I would take all of my "value" that is concidered wealth, the riches that I owned, and place them all in the Hotels of Waikiki. Remove all folk from the valley holding them, place armed detonators in each, then detonate them. Jump up on the rubble after the clearing, with the book in my hand and say "Here, this book is way richer than any of this.", then toss you the book!

There are 100 pages in it's back of folk being healed of any ailment that was "INVENTED", just by reading this grand book, that IS the key to the scriptures, and was published over 100 yrs. ago. =3