And now, the Newb presents... 1.e4 cheatsheet

Mar 19, 2014, 11:16 AM |

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I just wanted to share a little cheatsheet that I made for my wife. (Flowers, Ha! Women want chess help!)  It's an .odt made with LibreOffice. (I don't know if MS Office will read those.) It's a tar file. (I don't know what Windoze does with tar files.) It's here in the download section.

The plan was to teach her the openings that start with:
1.e4 e5
2.Nf3 Nc6

That gives her:
Scotch - 3.d4
Ponziani - 3. c3
2 Knights/4 Knights - 3.Nc3
Giuoco Piano - 3.Bc4
Ruy Lopez - 3.Bb5

Lean 5 moves - learn 5 openings.

She wrote all that down and I thought. Diagrams would be helpful. So, I found this really neat website at that lets you create 1-piece gifs of positions that can be embedded in documents.

I scrubbed Scotch and Ponziani because I've never seen them in the wild.

I added Berlin and Steinitz variations of Ruy Lopez and then some stuff that I keep running into:
Philidor's Defense (usually people avoiding Ruy Lopez)
Bishop's Opening
a couple French Defense variations
Caro-Kann (which used to work well for me)

That should keep her busy.