And now, the Newb presents... Never Surrender!

Apr 12, 2014, 5:52 PM |

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It's just a game, after all. Games should be fun. If a game's not fun; resign and find one that is. Now, if you read my series on losing, you know I can wrest defeat from the jaws of victory with the best of them. You couldn't play like I do and not get some satisfaction from losing. But I like the epic loss; the valiant effort; the noble warrior who's lost the will to fight.

Not this:

This is cowardice. This is conduct unbecoming an officer. This is a court martial and 3 years in Leavenworth. 20.Bxd1 makes it a two point loss in material and improves the position. If I thought I was frustrated after seeing 19...Bxd1 - I should've waited till I saw the analysis. No one to blame...

Here's another gem from my archives:

Look at the continuation. I get the material back after 14. Bxf7+ Kxf7 15. Ng5+ Ke8 16. Nxe4. Couldn't see it. Didn't look. All I saw was an MIA Knight.

Now, I'm not advocating "Never Surrender!" to the extent that tlaugle would (He never draws). I don't think chess is a war (apologies to Mr. Silman). There's a time to play on and a time to resign.

But, look harder than I did in those two games for reasons to play on, though. What's the hurry? Of course. You want to get it over with. Make SURE it's over before you surrender. Those are two even games that I can't get back.

But just to show you that I HAVE learned:

So, there. I once had the tenacity to turn a triple fork into a win in 6 moves. There sits the enemy Knight; still with a double fork on the Rooks - wondering what happened. Someone didn't freak out and give up for a change. That's what happened.