Easy Variation vs the Alekhine Defense

Aug 20, 2016, 11:49 AM |

Hello everyone, what follows is a variation for sub 2000 players to easily get a good game against the Alekhine Defense (1. e4 Nf6?!).

The 1. e4 Nf6 2. Bc4 line that I propose has some sentimental value with me because it was the opening I used in the first game that I beat a 1800 USCF rated player in an OTB rated game (was 1400 at the time). (Albeit our game went 1. e4 Nf6 2. Bc4 e5)  

While the traditional move for white is 2. e5, it is often daunting for white to enter these types of mainlines as chances are Black is read up on a book titled along the lines "Winning with the Alekhine Defense" which focuses on putting on pressure against your overextended pawn structure.  In addition at the sub 2000 level many players as white would not want to learn this in depth theory against a backwater opening when they can instead be working on more important aspects of their game (tactics, calculation, improving thought process).  As such I present a 2-minute memory light variation that will have you prepared against the Alekhine Defense for your whole life as a club player. 

Below is the main line of the variation I am advocating for white against the Alekhine Defense.  This variation is also good for speed chess games and can easily catch black off guard even in longer time controls. 

'What if 4. g6'

Other lines you should know, many of these lines give you ample opportunities to train your tactical vision and the ability to organize an attack, which will help you improve you chess game. 

What if black decides not to take the e-pawn? 

Chances are your opponent's completely out of book so just play a normal game, put your pieces on solid squares, sound the charge and wreck your opponent's position Cool.

Let the community know what you think about this line in the comment section.