Karjakin Wins Game 8!!

Nov 21, 2016, 4:26 PM |

A d4 opening with b3 is simply too passive for the world chess championship!

Karjakin just beat Carlsen to lead in the world chess championship with only 4 more games to go.

Regarding the actual play I feel Carlsen chose an opening that does not fit with his style too well. He tried a similar setup one time against his Play Magnus App (with negative results), in these types of positions I feel he has trouble getting a substantial advantage out of the opening. 

The times I've seen this type of setup work for white is if white is an old man with more of a positional style and black is a young tactical patzer without positional grasp. As Karjakin is no patzer, Carlsen simply had no ammunition.  

Game was equal up to around move 30. Carlsen appeared to get into time trouble after that and 35. c5?! was simply too dodgy for Magnus to get away with. While Karjakin blundered back to equal with Qd3 Carlsen was psychologically bent out of shape and blundered with 51. Qe6 and other moves in a very hard ending to defend. Good play by Karjakin.   

Is this the Brexit/Trump of chess to finish off 2016? Let us know your opinion below.