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Against Robert Frost

Jan 6, 2012, 8:28 PM 2

American Poet Robert Frost (1874-1963) in the poem "Out,Out" shows no concern at all with Structure, that which hath come to this world by stealth. The Structure is there but Frost is too idiotic to touch upon it. Who gives a damn about this buzz saw operator and his cruel sister? The man against machine theme reveals Frost's interest in sentience. Like a China baby, the boy and his sister viewed that it "was all spoiled." This is the world of the winner: ignore the Structure which invites everyone to believe not just the select few. Out with this Frost, this death-dealer who kills the science of the soul. Frost and the rest of his crowd cannot make us extinct. The coeval angel relates to the beasts not man! We are no Hellenists! We are yogists! No use now, Frost and his crowd have entrenched the entire east-coast! This message is non-natural and is meant for you so that you can escape the trap they have set! I say to you now: REJECT their content completely!

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