How to see it through

Dec 31, 2011, 10:43 PM |

At the start of the first millennium Jesus was situated in a legal network found in the first couple books of the bible. Since this romantic time persons have had to ask whether law is upmost, whether jurisprudence is crucial, and whether any single teaching about Jesus is more important than the rest.

Does an honest reading of Jesus' story commit the reader to a stance regarding any of these three issues? A large majority of fanatics contend that this is important. However, the primary focus is Jesus. The basic principle is that no person can ruin their life but himself or herself.

The challenge is to obtain a crystal pure idea about the life of Jesus, and no fanatic or other concern regarding law, politic, or the future ought block the way. It is henceforth declared for the year 2012 AD that there be free access to Jesus.