Iran and uranium

Jan 10, 2012, 1:18 AM |

Sanctions from the United Nations are attempting to prevent Iran from uranium enrichment. Leadership in Iran, state that atomic energy program in the country will continue in 2012.

Is Iran a danger insofar as nuclear weapons are concerned ? No in my opinion, since there is no rule of law that permits conclusive judgment on this matter. International law allows the formation by council for experts on the technology and politics of a certain nation. An edict is not an option since no authority has been erected. One danger is formalism that does not allow admission of motives. The second danger is symbolism developed from past history that no longer applies in 2012. Conservatism is a danger if an authority has been erected. A fourth danger is that an executive bureau will exclusively make decisions about this matter.

In sum there exists tort law if unforeseen harm occurs. If that is not acceptable then a method ought to be developed for a solution only if the method is made free from conflicting aims and made free from preconceived goals. In the end no decision can be made until the centers of influence are balanced  across jurisdictions where the parties involved are located. Who agrees and if so why? Who disagrees and if so why?