"Apostolic Focus"

Dec 23, 2011, 11:11 AM |

The seven Christian churches in Anatolia (Turkey) were the objects of revelation found in the Christian Book of Revelation. To be an object of revelation meant that the churches in those seven locations were under "Apostolic Focus." When the Apostles in the second century AD focused on a church, it was involved in the line of historical succession from the original Jesus, like a neural network reaching out onto the earth transmitting Jesus' story.

Could revelation be understood in the modern way as a myth? No, because myth is somehow an inaccurate reality that involves a lone storyteller, by one person, while the twelve Apostles in contrast wanted to bring churches together in fellowship through large numbers.

The idea of the Christian Trinity as fellowship also demonstrated the idea of God before Abraham, Jesus who is, and the Holy Spirit of the future as judge on judgement day. So the Apostles could have been said to have been reaching out to seven churches through a Holy Trinity.

A bible scholar might say that persons of the Trinity were 1) past 2) present 3) future. So we see exactly how revelation and Trinity were coordinated through seven churches.