Test of Greatness

Dec 22, 2011, 11:27 PM |

Books we were required to read in school.

The Great Gatsby, or the test of greatness. Writer F.Scott Fitzgerald was a genius who wrote in the english language a story about how great wealth displaces a man from getting on his knees to pray. The novel is known for its main character having a solid link with roots in Western History.

Is the old novel worth reading today? No, because it has a tragic and useless, that is to say violent, plot. The idea is that wealth is often associated with things that are contrasted to God. In the real world,not literature,the talk of such topics as wealth,violence,the Prohibition of alcohol,and prayer are too serious.

In agreement with that conclusion, is that artists often handle very dangerous topics and issues. Plato was right to ban artists from his republic.