Tragedy at end of 2011

Dec 26, 2011, 1:33 AM |

Horribly on Christmas day this year in a suburban house in Texas three men and four women were shot to death. This is another terrible mass killing added to the long list in American history. Why are these crimes on the increase?

In general it could be said that the modern age (eighteenth century AD and on) places human thought and identity at the very center of the universe, pushing away God so that he is no longer there. Without internal ability to make decisions, that is, where no one thinks of eternal Hellfire as punishment, then persons loose control and so need external controls like ban on guns and Big Brother watching over all.

The principle is that the more outrageous persons act there will result greater police state in the future. Since society does not want to live in a police state, then it must find a solution to random violence as soon as possible.