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A Knight's Movement

A Knight's Movement

Oct 20, 2007, 11:30 PM 1

 The Knight is an interesting piece. It is the only piece with the ability to "jump", giving it extra charm. In order to use your knights effectively, you must learn to take full advantage of your knight's movement capabilities.

I created the following diagram to help visualize the knight's unique movement. The numbers (and gradient colors) represent the number of moves it would take from the starting point to reach the destination square.




Pay special attention to the "hard-to-reach" diagonal squares (up 2, right 2) that take a minimum of 4 moves to reach! The immediate diagonal (up 1, right 1) would also take 4 moves to reach if the knight was sitting in the corner of the board.

The second picture is a more artistic way to look at the knight's movement pattern. Enjoy!



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