A short game and brief exploration of bind

Apr 29, 2013, 10:25 PM |

     The 5-0 time control can be brutal. As a newcomer to the faster-paced games, I find blunders are the norm, and in a lot of cases games are decided in under 20 moves. On the other hand, there is some joy in the situation of losing on the board, but winning on time, in thoses rare occasions.


      Today I feature one game that I played recently, that lasted only 13 moves, in order to understand what special things were going, and the possibilities that one can expect to play accordingly, as one increases his or hers playing strength. As you will see, the bulk of the analysis shows how black steps up, in the event his opponent commits a chess sin, vulnerable castle king.


     So what happened here was black had to deemphasize many pawn weakness of his own in addition a slightly exposed queenside. However, the black pieces were able to enjoy relative satefy, due to the effectiveness of a thematic bind, and a careful selection of moves, that we would all like to see more of us fine players execute.