How you can develope your Chess skills. Advice for beginners.

Jun 10, 2010, 11:36 PM |

For a beginner, study pins, forks, discovered attacks and skewers. Then you will be able to avoid, and to play them, against your opponent. Because if you lose two pieces the game is already over.

Join a club, there will be people of your skill level, and that is the only way to fully understand the game.

The rules of Chess
Castling of King and Rook
Promotion of pawn on reaching 8th rank
En Passant – When one pawn takes another which has moved two squares

discovered attack

edit: If your piece or king is being attacked there are these three things to think about, move away from the attacker, block the attack by interposing a lesser value piece, or capture / take the attacker. Sometimes although rare, it is possible to counter attack.

NOTE: I "iRudyard" did not write this. I just thought it was worth a repost for you all to read.