Bad stats..sick kids

Feb 12, 2008, 6:13 PM |

So if anyone cares to know I lost a couple of games because I forgot to move.. You see I had a very sick 4 year old... and well he kept pooping and puking and before I knew it three days were up.. So if you really suck at chess please challenge me.. My stats are HORRID.. (they were bad in the first place)

 I took up chess just about 2 months ago cuz I thought I would have a long boring winter. but It turns out that I have a ton of stuff going on... I have only played about 8 games of chess in my life. Three of which I lost on here, 1 still in progress on and 4 in random coffee shops.. so any way.. I have no idea what I am doing anyway and feel that a 4 year olds diarrhea was a very unfair disadvantage.LOL..