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Respecting your opponent

Dec 8, 2010, 1:46 PM 4

What is it with some bullet players who, win or lose, feel the need to be rude to the opponent?  I don't understand the mentality at all, what do they gain, in their minds does it somehow make them feel better about themselves??  90% of bullet players are courteous and take wins and losses in their stride, winning/losing on time is part of the game after all, but the other 10%, well what a bunch of arrogant, rude idiots.  Of that 10% of players, nearly every one I have had the misfortune to play come from one nation......is rudeness and being a bad winner/loser part of the national curriculum there?  Everyone has a bad game, in bullet chess one bad move can lead to a succession of bad moves, it doesnt mean a player is bad, and not everyone has an encyclopedic knowledge of openings, just because your opponent doesnt know all the variations of your favourite line doesnt make them a bad player.....come on guys start showing some respect to each other!! 

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