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What got me playing chess

Dec 17, 2017, 4:31 AM 0

My dad was an avid chess player when I was growing up.  I have watched him playing chess against his brother and others.  Eventually, my dad taught me how to play chess.  He showed me a few openings.  He was pretty good at 5-minute games and his FIDE rating in 1970's was approximately 1850.  He eventually stopped playing chess sometimes in 1980's.  I played chess on and off.  In mid 1990's, I played chess for a few years.  I was a member of Internet Chess Club.  I would mostly play rapid games but I would get frustrated with losses.  My rating at that time was approximately 1350.  I didn't have enough tools to tune up my skills and I lacked patience.  Last year, I started playing chess via Chess With Friends. Then, my friend told me about Chess.com and I signed up.  My current rating is approximately 1650.  When I started playing Chess.com, my rating fell under 1000.  Of course, I still make blunders.  I'm learning to play better chess!

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