My analayse for 1 move - Topalov (white) vs Ananed (Black)

Jul 3, 2012, 2:16 AM |

I saw today the 12th game between ananed and topalov in the world chess championship in 2010.

I noticed an interesting thing.

Topalov played the white. in the 15th move, he could do and interesting thing. He could play H2-H4


The next move, Topalov brings his knight to g5. Ananed would not take with the queen (because he will lose it) then he will take with the pawn.

What then?

Topalov brings his queen to h5 and after that Ananed has nothing to do to stop Topalov's Mate.

A little problem - Ananed doesn't have to take the knight, but it gives a very good position to the knight, he still brings his queen to h5 and he is in a very strong attack position.

hope you enjoyed the reading :)