Chess Clocks Setup Tests

Chess Clocks Setup Tests

Feb 2, 2013, 2:05 PM |

Setting a modern chess clock is not trivial. Some solve the problem better than the others. Here’s an overview of eight popular examples.



Simple, from another era.


Chronos FX:

This is what you want from a day to day clock. Rugged, easy to reset, fat display. This brand is best on the market.


ZmartFun Chess Clock:

A plastic substitute with bright LED display that fades out in sunlight. An indoor clock only. The model shown was discontinued on a day of shooting this video. Just my luck. The new model does have a slanted display. Review pending, the clock is on the way as we speak.



Tournament standard. Not much use for anything else.


Chronos Digital Game Clock:

Everything but the kitchen sink. Badass clock.


Garde Digital Electronic:

New with a touch of old. Elegant.


Chronos GX:

FX’s younger sibling. Two pane display, nobody knows why. App Clock:

Very convenient for travel. Elegantly done. Beats all other specialized chess clock apps in the App Store. Lots of ugly design there.



My personal all time favorite is the discontinued Chronos FX. For travel the convenience of the bare bones app is best by far.