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Rap = Good

Jan 10, 2011, 9:45 PM 0

I have heard so many people say that rap is bad its not even funny.  Yeah sure, there's a couple songs with the f-bomb dropped a couple times, but still, its not like you haven't heard the word before.  and to those who have not listened to rap before and decided that they think rap is bad, you guys make me sick.  let me share with you a really good quote from a friend, "if you haven't seen, read, watched, or listened to it, then don't hate on it."  another one of my favorites is "skate, don't hate."  yeah, i know, this has nothing to do with this topic at all, but its still a good quote.  And all you rap haters out there, just because you listened to one crappy rap song doesnt mean that all the rap songs are crap.  there are some good ones out there too you know.

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