Feb 28, 2008, 12:30 PM |


  I have an idea for a forum-based chess gameplay, in which there are 2 players and 1 game-master.  Using Knightmare Chess, following the shared deck rules, two players are seated and presented before the game-master (as role-played via forum).  The game-master then shuffles the card deck and allow the players some time to decide their chess color (black/white).  If conflict arises, each player submits a number from 1 to X where X is the total number of available cards (as dictated by gamemaster).  The game-master draws the card out of the deck and displays the numeric value of the card (1-10).  The higher number wins.  Draws are re-rolled.

 As played out by the rules of Knightmare Chess, the game-master distributes cards accordingly.  (These rules will be posted...)  Then the first game-post is displayed as a standard chess board (using the neat features hosted by!), where no moves have been made yet.  Time-limits may or may not be decided on.  The cards distributed will come in the form of private messaging to inboxes.  These messages will state every exact detail about the card that the player needs to know, save possibly the image on it.  This can easily be done by creating a card spreadsheet out of the entire deck, and distributing this spreadsheet to game-masters in like.



- Normal moves (without the use of a card) can be posted directly on the forum topic. Each move MUST come with an image (small is preferable) in order to prevent misunderstandings.

- Questions can be posted on the forum topic, or PMed to the game-master.

- EVERY card move must be sent to the game-master for approval first, and he/she will THEN post up the image for the next move. 

- Every new card that either player is entitled to is sent by the game-master.  This can come from using cards or discarding cards.  It is in the player's best interest to wait until the game-master has provided them their entitled card(s) before they make their next move.  Reminders may be sent ONLY ONCE per turn to the game-master if they do not respond after an excess amount of time.  Any more than that is disrespectful.

- Observers are discouraged from hinting/commenting irresponsibly... and although it is unavoidable, this is one constraint to keep in mind.  Excessive unrelated comments should be removed.  If it becomes a big issue, we can move gameplay to the game-master's personal blog to enable all moderator modes, and leave the main forum for game-finding and/or FAQs/discussions.

- Rating system... is an idea; however it should wait until this type of community has grown to the point that this becomes realistic and significant.  Generally I would be against this, since Knightmare Chess sometimes relies on a lot of luck.

- Cards whose effect cannot be visually seen on a posted image will not be included in a deck to be used... (atleast until we find a work-around)

 In a sense, this type of gameplay assumes that the game-master is highly reliable and unbiased... and probably should be appointed by an administrator of this type of community. They SHOULD also have some IRL experience with the cards, or have bought the cards themselves, OR... have played in this community forum long enough to know the whole thing off by heart (hey, relax... it's just experimental!  Notice the 'SHOULD'? ).  The game-master SHOULD have bought the game.  If not... then find a way to emulate it.  (Using an MTG, Magic the Gathering, engine or similar programs isn't a bad idea...)  The game-master must also have the capability to access the game within a set amount of time after each move (similar to the time limits of we're not in any rush here).  And lastly, they must be friendly.


If anyone reading this is interested in my idea... POST!  Gawd... so obvious.

I'll probably re-post this idea on the main forum instead of just my blog. 

Btw.  I have the game... obviously.