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im emo and i enjoy it

im emo and i enjoy it

Aug 2, 2010, 1:24 PM 0

yup that's right, im emo but i dont care because i enjoy being myself and i dont care what you think. because im me and i want to be myself and this is my blog so i write what i want to write this. and the most depressin thing is when you hear people say “i wanna be famous” or “i wanna be rich” or “i wanna be a movie star”, what the F does that even mean? people aren’t rich just to be rich, there always a reason behind it. and same goes with your favorite celebrities. they aren’t were they are simply because they prayed to become “famous”. they’ve work hard (or most of them did) to get where they are at the moment. and were all human right soo we should be happy with ourselfs not others and keep vain. so yea... this is me saying im emo and proud of it. =)

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