What was I thinking? Wednesday 17 July

Jul 16, 2013, 7:55 PM |

Well, nothing much.  If you skip through to move 16, you will see this comes to an inglorious end.*  But where I am not at all sure what is going on is the intent of my move 3...a6.  Now I had likely seen a move like this some time so thought I would give it a shot,  But to be honest I now can't think why I did it.  So let's go through the usual opening rubric"

Develop your pieces: not relevant

Control the centre: doesn't seem the thing

Protect your King: no.

So the question I want to address is this: what is the purpose of 3...a6?



* As for the end, if I had been half awake I could have held things off by something like 15...f5