My Theory on the Ratings of the iPhone Computer

Sep 19, 2011, 6:24 PM |

I have been wanting to improve by playing more live games.  The issue is that I am a family man and OFTEN interrupted (haha) and so I feel bad about starting a game with a human and bailing. Also my rating plummets because I lose concentration for a sec and I am suddenly rated 900. 

I've noticed that on the iPhone app, you can play the computer and you can set its strength level from 1 to 10.  (Weird that on this site, via a browser, you can only set it to "Easy", "Medium", and "Strong" and etc).

Well I "think" I have figured out the ratings of each of the 10 levels based on pitting the computer on level 7 with another chess engine where I was able to set the rating.  The computer defeated the other engine set at 1800.  So I think the computer's strongest level is 2600.  (It COMPLETELY destroys me on level 7.  My God I couldn't beat it in 100 games.)

So here is what I believe to be a close proximity to the iPhone computer strength level ratings.  I was able to destroy level 2, and that strengthens my theory.  (This was in a blitz game and I am not a very good blitz player, so I think the following is correct).  If anyone actually bothers to read this and thinks different, then I'd love to know better.  :)

Level (Strength) Rating
1 800
2 1000
3 1200
4 1400
5 1600
6 1800
7 2000
8 2200
9 2400
10 2600