e4 vs d4

Mar 20, 2009, 10:19 AM |

I am going to write my first article based on the first move of chess. A strong player who knows how to mate with a king and queen vs a lone king would be very happy if he arrived in such a position. However, this is not easy. For a player to achieve what he wants in an endgame, he must have a good knowledge of the opening and midgame. E4 and D5 are the two best openings known. But the problem is which one to use. 

Normally, none of the moves pose any danger and are great. However, just because they are great doesn't mean we don't have to find the greatest. After a lot of thought, I think that this option rests on your ability. If you want a strategically good, safe and calm game and know about openings, go for e4. This moves allows for early castling.


D4 usually has a strong tactical game to follow. If you're not good with tactics, then don't play this move.

Usually, the e4 is what usually appeals to players and, there are equally good openings as these so don't take this is as a total guide.

This is how your first move may affect your whole game.