A Beginner Chess Player To International Rated: My Personal Life Experience

A Beginner Chess Player To International Rated: My Personal Life Experience


I was a village boy where people didn't even know what is a chess game, even I am an Asian with the nationality of Bangladesh. In Our School, there were no chess competitions at all. Once I discovered a chess board at my grandfather's house, who was a gemlike person. Then I took the book and saw Horses and some piece of toys.tongue.png  Interestingly I was so curious what to do with the board and also with the horses. I was asking my grandmom about the thing I discovered. Then She said that was my great grandfather's chess board who came from India another Asian subcontinental country. Another interesting thing I know is Chess game invented between China and India when there were ruled by the King and emperors. Even some rules have changed now. 

Let's come to my curiosity. Then I was very eager to learn that chess and horses stuff. But, on that time Since 2003 nobody knew how to play chess in our family. My dad knew how to play but, He was not that interested to teach me chess that made me more eager. Then my dad said I will teach you how to move the pieces and he is not a good chess player.

That day he taught me the name of the pieces but, that doesn't make any sense to me even I found a huge interest about the king and Knights. 

Then on a vacation, I went to my cousin's house in the town with the chess board and I have lost one of my white Knights But, that time I did not know the value. Whatever We all were very beginners. 

My Uncle knew keen about chess then, He taught us about How to move the pieces. Later on, we started playing chess with each other like if I can give a check, I will win. That kind of own regulation.

Till chess was a great medium to pass our playing time. Next week I came back to my home at Village and forgot to bring my chess board.frustrated.png

Then, as usual, I was sad about that and in a few week, I totally was forgotten. But, Chess gave me a huge interest in giving check and moving pawn and Knights. Then a month has passed I started playing Cricket, Football with my village mates. Then about 3-4 years, I haven't played chess. And the board I left at my Uncle's house they lost it somehow.  

After a few Years, I went to my Aunt's house where I had another cousin who was studying medical science. I saw a chess board there and asked him about that. He was a good chess player domestically so, He gave me many rules about chess. He was a way smarter player than me. Losing, again and again, made me very embarrassed. So, I liked the one step ahead. 

Then, I came back home stared my daily life. On 2008 January I got myself Admitted in Saint Placid's High Schoolnull

In the town of Chittagong. After one year of study, they were founding a Chess Club there. And I got very interested about that. Next week they called a meeting and forming the club they call for a tournament where I was registered for playing. As I was so excited I was talking to my mates as if I was the strongest player among them. Then the game began and I was lost so competitively for the 1st time. Here as I remember the game was as below:- I was playing white

And he said checkmate. I was surprised, What is a checkmate?! I used to play who gives the check first he wins. Whatever I was broken hearted and accepted the reality. Our chess club was not so active But, I remember our chess teacher said to be a good beginner you must have to lose 200 games at least. I was thinking is that some kind of joke, why should I ?!

That word helped me whenever I lost a game with an opponent. Next week my parents gifted me a computer with Windows 7. There I got familiar with a chess Software called Chess Titans. That helped me a lot to know the proper moves. In a few Year, I started beating chess titans Level 5-6. 

I was started thinking myself I had become the best chess player in the Country. But, I didn't know about the players of Bangladesh Chess Federation. Where all the brutal chess players live. 

I was challenging all at anytime anywhere. I very well knew to villagers as a chess player.

Then, Gradually my Highschool finished and I went to the College. During my college education First 4 months I had to live alone in my village house. Where that time I was all alone and passed most of my time with chess. But, no good player was found. I was winning all day with the same and think the daydreams. 

I got a very bad result in that year exam, and my dad got very angry with me and tear apart my chess board. And took me with him. He said I will give you all for study but, nothing If you play chess. I Cried and said whatever you do I will play chess. My dad stopped giving me cash because I said him I want to take chess lessons. Then I started teaching some schoolboy Maths and English and the money I was spending for my Chess mania. On 2014, I found a Fide master (FM Abdul Malek) In my town. I did not have any idea how an FM play chess. Next day with the money I warned, I went to the FM at Ctg Sports council. That day I was losing like I never played chess before. He was outstanding. I was so shocked. What the hell I was doing those Years. Then about 6 months I learned little bit even the classes were so expensive to me. On 2015, For the First time, I played Rated Chess tournament and Beaten a 1780+(Sadhak Sumon Borua) rated player. And Drawn against 1755+(Khan Minnat Ali) rated player. I was placed overall 17th in Chittagong District. Then I was called for the Chittagong District Chess Championship 2015. Where I have defeated a 1900+ rated player with overall a good ending. And I got rating about 1777+ Fide ID- 10220224 Federation Bangladesh. 

I was very happy and played in Clubs and own a domestic sub-district championship. On 2016 I shifted to the capital Dhaka city and Started studying Law at Daffodil International University. A study, Chess, Life all were going fine. I played overall 3-4 championships in Bangladesh Chess Federation. And still playing when having time. Time and Practice is a huge asset to learn chess. Last, On September 25-27, 2017 I played Interuniversity Chess Championship by leading the team of our University. null

and before that, I played a standard rating Tournament at Uttara Central Chess Club.null

A photo from Chittagong Chess League 2015 with some GMs 


Hope we will be formed a Chess Club At our University and Let's see How far it can take in a short lifetime. happy.png

A Picture with my university chess players and a chess lover Teacher who helped a lot Dr. Binoy Darman Sir and honorable Vice chancellor sir. null



Achievement after coming to the Daffodil International University. I have won the Daffodil Chess Championship 2016 and 2017. happy.png And send the trophies to my mom and dad. They are also happy.