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A Draw with the Bongcloud

A Draw with the Bongcloud

May 13, 2010, 8:48 PM 4

The Bongcloud Attack is needle-sharp, so to speak. Forget going to the endgame, with the Bongcloud you are lucky to get out of the opening; most of the time, 2. Ke2 is one of the last moves of the game. Yet in my quest for knowledge on the path of the Bongcloud , I've had two very interesting endgame situations already. The first is the promised draw, where I probably should have given a go at getting a Bongcloud, but to me a draw with this opening was just as coveted.


Second, I had a game with fellow Bongcloud afficionado Conquistador. Here he takes the white pieces to victory after a silly blunder late in the game.


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