My First Blog


Ugh.... so hungry coz I can't eat at school 

It's Ramadhan! It doesn't matter if I'm not Muslim, I'll attract other people

Note : My school is a Muslim school

 it has it's own mosque

Last week:

Bored, SO BOrEd 

Nothin' to do at home

only 2 days of school last week (well...because it's ramadhan)

it's almost weekend all week (the twist)

Can you help me find a suggestion of what I should've done last week (don't include games or courses because i did a lot of that already)?


Oh! I'm gonna post a riddle within each Blog

RIDDLE I: Is it possible to name 100 things in 90 seconds that doesn't have the letter A in it?

If so, then give an example

UPDATE : Possible, (one, two, three, four, five, six,...., one-hundred)