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He loves to play chess soon!

He loves to play chess soon!

Apr 18, 2010, 8:59 AM 1

Carried high, the tail can denote the cat’s pride and contentment; extended straight, it tells you the cat is stalking; curled against his body, it tells you he is scared or worried; and, thrusting from side to side, the tail may warn you your cat is angry.

What appears to be his elbow when he moves is really his heal. The normal number of toes for a cat is five in front (one is a thumb) and four in back. A cat’s hind legs are longer and stronger than those in front, enabling him to jump with great skill. Unlike most other animals who move their front and opposite hind legs at the same time, the cat moves his front and hind legs on one side than on the other.


You (the name of my pet)


A cat’s main defensive weapon is his claws. A cat’s eyes are his most prominent feature. A cat’s sense of sight is his keenest sense. If nothing moves where he is looking, he sees nothing. For this reason, the cat will flick his eyes back and forth very slightly.


He raises his hair when frightened or when attacking, hoping by doing so to make himself look larger and more awesome to his enemies. Cat naps get their name from the cat’s remarkable ability to sleep for short stretches of time, but always so lightly that the slightest noise will wake him instantly.

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