What kind of leader are you?

May 2, 2009, 11:23 PM |

What kind of leader are you?·

Responsible leaders do not make irresponsible statements.

· A godly leader speaks out of the presence of God.

· A humble leader never makes light of eternal truths, but esteems them with reverence.

· A wise leader resolves conflicts peacefully, not forcefully.

· An enduring leader withstands insult without anger.

· A wholesome leader is characterized by tolerance, which saves him from hasty decisions in crisis, and retaliations in the face of contrariness.

· The good leader attempts to make friends, not enemies.

· Dealing harshly with opponents causes more aggravation and hostility. A polite leader uses gentleness and kindness.

· A leader who listens well to his subordinates manages them well.

· The greatness of a leader is in his humility before God, not in his eloquence before man.

· A devoted leader gives himself totally to the ones he is leading, helping them to develop their undiscovered potential.

· A patient leader remembers that people's responses vary according to their nature, temperament, and level of development.

· A mature leader shows highest respect for others, irrespective of race or rank.

· A wise leader guards himself against the pitfalls of success, self-assertiveness and over- confidence.

· Broken promises quickly destroy confidence in leadership.

· A wise leader inspires and motivates rather than intimidating and manipulating.

· A weak leader retreats in the face of rising difficulties and loses the respect of his followers.

· Severe trials open the door to new revelation.

· The path of leadership is always lonely.

· The greater the leader the greater his fall when he succumbs to temptations.

· A teachable leader eagerly probes for truth learned by others regardless of their status.

· A relaxed leader relaxes his followers.

· The self-righteous leader lives in a cell made of blocks of deception, hypocrisy, and lies.

· A stubborn leader is a menace who cannot be trusted by his colleagues.

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