OUCSC - Week 1 Match report

Jul 17, 2014, 5:46 PM |
The first round of the OUCSC has produced a lot of hard-fought games and here we are going to have a look at most of them. The results of the games can be found here: 
The first game played was Sean vs. Kaushy. Sean went for his traditional Bb5 sicilian. and tried to keep the center closed. Kaushy didnt want to sit around and opened the center the wrong time. Sean had his chance to take control, but ultimatly Kaushy took over the control of the center therefore the game. She had the better chances until she blundered in the endgame. 

In the third game, I played against Kevin. We played a closed Sicilian (as usual) in which Kevin had a line prepred we had not played before. I missed a chance in the opening and was sligtly worse, but found enough recources to keep the game going and eventually managed to build up an attack. Unfortunately, Kevin blundered a piece and lost the game.

Konrad managed to win a piece in the opening and at the same time trade queens. Probably in endgame-mood he centralized his king. However, Joaquin managed to open the center and launch an attack on Konrads now exposed king. Konrad had to give back the piece to secure his king. Afterwards, the position was roughly equal, but Joaquin manged to to find a mating attack with only king pawn and rook.