OUCSC - Week 2 Match Report

Jul 23, 2014, 5:44 AM |
Week 2 again produced three mostly well played games. Almost all of the round-1 matches have been played and and quite some games from later rounds are covered as well. This weeks highlight is Nicole, who -as a preperation for the olympiad- played and won two of the three matches played this week. The results are 
Nicole vs. Joaquin 1:0
Ben vs. Nicole 0:1
Konrad vs. Eyad :0:1

The current standings can be found here: http://tournamentscheduler.net/schedule/MTI4NDE3NjI4Ng.
The first game covered is Nicole vs. Joaquin. Nicole played the opening very well, but at one point lacked decisiveness. After that point, Joaquin took over the initiative but he miscalculated a variation. The game ended in a nice smoothered mate. 
The second game was betwen Ben and Nicole. Nicole played an inaccurate opening which Ben was ready to exploit. However, he did not follow up correctly and specifically neglected control over the d5 square (the most important thing in the Shveshnikov). After Nicole managed to control d5, she trapped the white knight and won the game.
The last game is Konrad vs. Eyad. Konrad started with his h3-System against the Kings-Indian-Defence of Eyad. During the opening, Konrads play seemed to more pointed than Eyad, earning him a nice advantage. However he blew his advantage when he blundered a pawn for essentially nothing. However, since he played well before, the position was around equal at that point. Both players manouvered for a while and Eyad was the first to occupy the only open file on the board. Konrad -in an attempt to fight for control- entered a fatal self-pin and lost a piece and with that the game.