My more memorable Chess Games 3/10/2012-03/16/2012

Mar 16, 2012, 10:36 PM |

This is a blog more for my own personal benefit than anyone elses. Each week I'll post some of my more memorable games: that could include me dealing out devastion or getting trashed myself. I might annotate some of them (though probably not all), and appreciate any input about any game anyone would like to give. Thanks and enjoy.

1. jbraindoc v. Computer (~1200) (2012)

This game is on here for two reasons. First, It was the first time I successfully used the King's Gambit opening, which is now one of my favorite opening. It is also the first time I had ever defeated the computer on medium difficulty, or ever really, but I don't play the computer that often. I didn't take the time to annotate this game but those with keen eyes will can spot the various mistakes made thoughout the game. The computer starts out with the advantage early on but makes a few mistakes in the midgame and totally falls apart endgame. This coincides with my strengths and weaknesses since I typically struggle in the opening but make up ground in the midgame for either a even or better position endgame. (somtimes... any tips for inproving my openings?)  



2. jbraindoc v. wufpacker (2012)

This game contains HUGE blunders by black. See if you can spot them.

3. jbraindoc v. Kingofhearts316