Cheaters in Live Chess

Cheaters in Live Chess

May 30, 2015, 7:00 PM |

Cheaters in Live Chess.

As I have played lots of Blitz games on, I have noticed that some users were playing immaculately and unaturally. I have reported players through the " report abuse " link and I generally have found out that they were cheating. Here are some examples;

( I have many more screen shots of cheaters being caught but they would take up too much space :D) 

On other cheating forums, I notice that staff members quote that " cheating will not occur to people with ratings under 2200... we constantly check people with ratings above 2200...". As you can see in the screen shots, some players have ratings below the target system.

I have noticed on their walls that the cheater either loses on time ( his engine takes too long) or he may lose on purpose to avoid the targeting system. 

So how can you catch a cheater? Before you automatically accuse someone of cheating, check with an engine after the game if the moves match the top 3 moves of the engine after the opening. Also, check their game history to see if there is an uncanny and inflated win to loss ratio. After that you can report them.

Cheaters are not that scarce anymore. Cheaters are popping up everywhere on this site.

With all of these cheaters, people have lost rating unfairly. I believe that there should be a way for people to appeal to to gain their rating points back.

What do you guys think?

 UPDATE: I have just asked if there was a way to gain back rating points.

 UPDATE 2: You can gain back rating points!

Updates 3+ : I will post all of the cheaters I ran into from 6/17 on:









Here is a sad statitstic: In the past 2 days, 9/17 Games I played were lost all to cheaters!!!

(Maybe this explains why recently my win:loss ratio is so low Wink recently)