Rude Players

Rude Players

Jan 27, 2015, 8:37 AM |

Why are players sometimes rude on

I was playing a bullet game vs. a 2352 ( who i think is slightly overrated) and I encountered something that was not unusual on

Here is the chat box during the game:

DRAW DECLINED: jakesabeast has declined a draw

BulletGambit: pzl

DRAW DECLINED: jakesabeast has declined a draw

GAME OVER - BulletGambit vs. jakesabeast - jakesabeast won on time (+15). Your new bullet rating is 1955.

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BulletGambit: fu k u

BulletGambit has left the chat.

He lost 118 points from the game.


Basically, there are players who beg and beg for a draw in a lost position ( Happens alot in After the players lose, they leave a curt response or a cheap excuse.

There are also players who disconnect when they are losing and they waste your time ( it even happened in a 30 min game too).


Although this is not the worst encounter I have seen before, it is a nuisance. 


Have you ever encountered this by any other players?




UPDATE: I am going to make a list of rude players starting from now:



Congrats to this - for being the first person on this list... he supposedly calls people noobs out of nowhere.

I played a system in the Smith-Morra Gambit and I managed to parry of his attack, but look what he writes afterwards:

NEW GAME (1154409112) - HHajime vs. jakesabeast (1 0 rated) (win: 10, draw: 2, loss: -6)

HHajime: wow

HHajime: amazing

HHajime: you managed to trade all pieces

jakesabeast: yea

HHajime: THAT is CHess

HHajime: worthless dumb piece of junk

HHajime: die